Claims Management

Claims Management

Claims Management

We have the resources and expertise to customise a scheme catered to manage all claim handling needs which relieves clients from the following:

  • Having a high head count
  • Monitoring the claim process
  • Finding the correct people to carry out the job

Our claim management scheme is specially designed to facilitate a “one contact point” for all parties involved and this will include:

  • 24 hours call centre to receive claims and handle all enquiries
  • Record and register new claims
  • Review and request for further documents if those submitted are incomplete  or inadequate
  • Adjudicate the claim based on the terms and conditions of the contract
  • Process the claim and issue the necessary documents, including discharge  voucher or denial letter
  • Keep records of the entire claim process

This service is provided for the following types of claims:

  • Travel
  • Personal Accident
  • Hospitalisation & Surgical
  • Emergency/Out of Office Contact Point
  • Tailored Needs of Clients for Various Claims Aspects of Policy/Program

For more information, please email or alternatively assign a case online.

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