Fraud Investigation

Fraud Investigation

Fraud Investigation Services

Our Fraud Investigation Team conducts extensive investigation into various types of insurance claims of fraudulent nature.

These include false motor insurance claims involving:

  • Phantom driver
  • Phantom passenger
  • Staged accident
  • False or inflated theft repair claim
  • False stolen car report
  • Intentional damage claim
  • Falsifying the date or circumstances of an accident to get coverage
  • Drink Driving
  • Hire for reward
  • Illegal modification

We also conduct investigation on the following types of insurance claims:-

  • Life Insurance
  • Fake death claim
  • Falsified beneficiary claim
  • Fake disability claim
  • Submission of forged documents to fraudulently prolong a disability claim

Travel / Medical / Property

  • Billing for medical services not provided
  • Billing for a more expensive medical service than what was actually provided
  • Providing and billing for unnecessary medical services
  • False or inflated property loss or damage claim
  • Intentional or deliberate loss or damage claim
  • Lodged police report with false or inflated lost or damaged items

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